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A story-based, first-person hidden object game. Abby comes home from the hospital after a failed suicide attempt and can't remember anything. Her family doesn't seem to be there anymore. To find out where they are and what happened, she reads her diary. The concept of the game is similar to the search pictures in magazines. Only three-dimensional. The game is divided into four chapters (rooms). Each chapter has two instances: the present and the memory. The connecting link between these instances is the diary (trigger: pictures at the end of each chapter). With it you are taken back to the memory. There you take a good look around and try to remember everything. You have only limited time, then you come back to the present. Here you have to search and select what has changed compared to the memory. Once you have found the right combination, the door to the next room opens and the next diary entry is available. The project is a four-person team effort.

the game is still in development but it is already fully playable. Since the book was written entirely in analog and then scanned, there was no quick way to make a translation. The current version is in German, but this does not prevent you from solving the puzzles.

Warning: contains mentions of suicide, self-harm and violence.



1. the first room contains some background information about the story. To learn this, click on the letters on the dresser.

2. each room behaves in the same way. Take a good look around the room first and memorize the objects.

3. open the diary by pressing B. You can turn the page in the book by dragging the bottom corners of the page. at the top right there are even bookmarks to jump between chapters

4. on the last page of the chapter is always a drawing, click on it with the mouse to be transported back in time for a few seconds. look around well in this room too.

5. after a short time you come back to the present. Now select the objects that have changed. Objects can have disappeared completely, be in different places, exist only in the present, or have changed in appearance.

6. 2-4 objects must be selected at the same time. If you select the wrong object, the door to the next room will not open!

7. if the correct objects are selected, not only the door opens into the next room, but also the next pages in the diary are unlocked. At the end of these new pages, there is again a drawing that takes you back in time.


  • System: Windows / Mac OS/ Linux
  • CPU: Intel i3-2100 / AMD FX-6300 @3.1GHz or higher
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • GPU: GTX 460 / Radeon 6870 / Intel HD Graphics 630


StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Tags3D, Art Book, First-Person, story


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i try linux version but i cant use the key and stuck in first room

Thank u first of all for testing the Linux version!

did you select the car key and the broken family photo? (important, no other objects must be selected!)

(1 edit)

i do and it open but second time i try but it wont open
the problem when you to point on item  you must find the right point to use it and it far from the photo or key

sry, I don't quite get it.

it'd be very interesting for me to understand this.... can u maybe describe the problem in more detail or post a video of it here?

thanks for the Screenshots!

But I'm sorry, I still don't understand the problem...

Normally the point where you select objects is exactly in the middle of the screen.

Is this perhaps shifted?

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:D  now ...second room ..but ....:D

Oops, there is definitely an error in it... the wrong wine glass was chosen as to select...

I'm so sorry... I'll fix that tomorrow directly... Thanks for your Video!

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no problem... help u

Thank u very much again for your help! I've corrected the error, and checked the other rooms again, now everything should work.

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ok i have test ... but problem german.... but ok game òpò

Thanks for your video!
I understand that can be a bit confusing....

!!! spoiler warning !!!

as you probably saw the car key on the dresser is there in one scene and not in the other. That is the first item that needs to be selected.

You may also have seen that the family photo above the dresser is destroyed in one scene, but is still whole in the other. This is the second item.

Once these two items are selected, the door to the next room will open.

Be careful, no other items must be selected!

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thanks again tips ... i like to help dev ... you know every game should start with tutorial .. nice game

Bitte gebt in zwei Sätzen eine kurze Spielanleitung - Nach B + Bild im Diary kann ich nichts mehr anklicken....

Hallo, vielen dank für deinen Kommentar. Ich habe direkt eine kleine Anleitung für den Spielablauf hinzugefügt. Falls du immer noch Fragen hast melde dich gerne wieder!

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no easy. wait version inglish

Hello, I am very sorry an English translation for the diary would be very costly. We regret very much that we did not develop an English version from the beginning. I have published a short tutorial on this page here. With this, it should be easy to solve the puzzles even without the content of the diary.